Thursday, June 10, 2010

A-Readin' and A-Stitchin'

Just popping up to say hi to all. I am doing the back-stitching on the Four Season Windowsills below, and will post a pic soon. Daughter is all graduated, and I am off to eastern PA this weekend to nephew Kerry's graduation from high school.

Also, to follow up, I have just made a killing at the library's booksale, on Audiobooks !! Thanks Shelleen for the great suggestion. Got my software all downloaded to get the free (!) e-books from the library as well. Now I'll be able to read and cross-stitch simultaneously - heaven :)


  1. Oh, aren't audio books fabulous! It was heavenly to discover I could do 2 hobbies at once!

    I enjoy seeing your stitching progress.


  2. I didn't know you could download ebooks from the library!


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