Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day by Day, Stitch by Stitch

As you can see, I have finished "Winter." I have actually made fairly good progress on "Spring," but haven't taken a photo yet. This has been an enjoyable project. I love the colors, and am now very pleased that I stuck with the raw linen that came in the kit.

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We visited with my dad earlier this month. He is at one of six Maine Veterans Homes, in Scarborough, not very far from the house at all. We met with two case workers there, and the social worker and M.D. at Southern Maine Dialysis. These people are angels on earth.

All of us have every confidence that they know my dad's health and mental issues fully. We are dealing with mid-stage dementia, chronic renal failure due to diabetes, and, now, a large rapidly growing inoperable carcinoma which extends from his lower back muscles to his abdomen. He is in increasing pain, and has, since our return, not been able to complete the four-hour dialysis on a couple of occasions. He is asked every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, is he wants to go, and, if he doesn't, they don't force him. Ultimately, this will decide things.

But we all were able to visit with him, tell him how much we love him, and tell him what a good dad, and grandfather, he is. He still recognizes us, and enjoys seeing everyone, as much as possible. Aside from my brother and his family in Topsham, we are all out of state, so this has been extremely stressful for my mom, and I try to call her every day. They have been married for almost 55 years.

I am planning on going up for Steph's last concert (The UMaine Symphonic Band at Merrill Auditorium in Portland) in mid-April. Of course, we do not know how much longer he will be with us, but we are leaving it in God's hands. As prepared as we think we are, a light will go out in our lives very soon.