Monday, July 23, 2007

Eight Shops in Two Days !! - CHAPTER 7

From Broadview Heights, we headed west and along Lake Erie, toward Bay Village, to a shop called Stitches, Etc. Back in Berlin (remember Berlin?) a customer told us about this shop, and since we had eliminated the Blue Moon in Parma Heights (no longer in business), we were ready to add it to our trek.

Naturally, being a transplanted Mainer, I loved seeing so many nautical designs featured in this shop. OK, Lake Erie is LIKE an ocean, right? I fell in love with a stitched model of Seaside Collection by Ray Davenport, designed by Barbara & Cheryl, and snatched up that leaflet.

While we were looking around, the young owner, Beth Gantz, came in and we introduced ourselves. Seems the shop used to be in Westlake, so this is a relatively new location. Beth's mom was a needlepoint designer, and the acorn has not fallen far from the tree!

She definitely has a creative visual eye, and it was an absolute delight to talk with her. She believes there is a definite unfilled market niche (are you listening designers?) and that is charts for beginners. She herself has begun a monthly square motif series (she's up to July), all kitted up, and they are darling! Could not leave without May (pink potted plants on steps) and June (refreshing glass of lemonade with cut lemons). She's done a great job on her web site,too.

After picking up Lavender Wings' Hitchin' A Ride , we were pointed toward Vermilion, and Riverbend Stitchery, our last shop!


  1. Oh wow! I did not know Stitches Etc. moved!

    Would love to see a picture of the kits that Beth has created!!


  2. Lori - I just checked, and there are not pics of the designs, just the charts and the materials, so I'm hesitant about posting pics of just the charts, for fear of copyright infringement. Hope you understand.

  3. You just had too much fun! I'm jealous. Ohio seems to be filled with great shops. I'd love to get back there someday....Nancy

  4. Wow, I LOVE the Seaside Collection! I don't recall ever seeing that pattern.

    What a terrific holiday you have had :o)


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