Thursday, July 12, 2007

Eight Shops in Two Days !! - CHAPTER 4

By the time we pulled in to Stitch Piece 'n Purl in Cuyahoga Falls, we were getting kinda tired. And the reception we got there did not help matters. Two ladies, obviously ready to go home and more interested in shooting the breeze with each other than talking to us, greeted us with the announcement that they were closing in 12 minutes ! Like we didn't already know this...

We had gotten a hint from the woman at Blueberry Hill that
S P 'n P had been having "some difficulties," and I guess we figured out why.

In spite of the cool reception, I did manage to find Shepard Bush's Be A Witch and CEC's Haunting Favors , a piece of French Vanilla linen, and a piece of Sandcastle Jobelan. Vickie found a real gem called Diamonds are a Boy's Best Friend , a sports related design that's adorable.

Not ones to let the grumpy people get us down, we were off to Strongsville, where we hoped to see Shelly Hronec, the owner of Just Stitching, whom we hadn't seen in five years!


  1. Sorry you had bad reception. You would think they'd be happy to make a sale. Sounds like you're getting some good stuff Pam!

  2. I'm loving your trip, Pam! And I'm loving all that you have purchased so far! Sounds like y'all had a blast!

  3. I would have loved to go to all these shops with you !!! Too bad some are grumpy and don't understand how by just being nice, they could sell much more ...

  4. I would have loved to go to Just Stitching with you all. Shelley and her girls are so very nice and it is one of th best shops I've ever been in.......Nancy

  5. I am enjoying reading about your trip! You have gotten some very nice stash!!

  6. I just cam accross your blog and I too would love to go to some of these shops. I live in the Akron area and can tell you that I have visited 2 of such stores, Blueberry hill and sorry to say Stitch piece and purl. My most recent trouble with SP&P was not that long ago and I can tell you I will NEVER shop there again. I have tried to go back several times and have been treated poorly each and every time I go in. I just wanted to let you know you weren't alone.


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