Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eight Shops in Two Days !! - CHAPTER 6

On this, our second day of shop-hopping, we felt refreshed and excited to continue our drive over to Broadview Heights and Crafty Ewe.

We had been to this shop before, five years ago, when we attended Shelly Hronec's Flag Day event at Just Stitching in Strongsville (see Chapter 5). Unfortunately, we found this shop to be somewhat of a disappointment. The same ho-hum reception of two women chewing the fat (not even stitching!) sent us to the bargain bins in the back (to no avail), and I walked out of there with just the Silk 'n Colors Autumn Honey for CEC's Autumn Acorn.

Maybe that was a good thing, especially for my wallet, and we were off to Bay Village, to a shop not originally on our list - Stitches, Etc., and to a delightful visit with an up-and-coming designer!


  1. I LOVE that Autumn Acorn! The thread is to die for! I know your trip gets better... it just has to! :)

  2. This trip must have been so awesome Pam! I can't believe all the shops that you have found :o)

  3. Oh no! Carol, the owner of Crafty Ewe must not have been there...she is very inviting and welcoming! The shop did have to downsize a year or so ago, due to the landlord wanting to expand the bakery next door (which his son owns). I am sorry you didn't like the Ewe...there are many nooks and crannies there to explore in!


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