Wednesday, June 7, 2017

FlossTube #2A and (OOPS!) #2B ~ Pam and Steph Come Out of the Shadows and Hurry Thru Their Hauls

We came inside from the solarium for Floss Tube #2, and found the perfect spot for lighting!

Lots of thank yous for the views, shout-outs, comments, and subscribers all around. When we hit 100 subscribers, we got our nails done, 'cuz girls gotta do what girls gotta do, right?


I showed my framed Lemon Meringue Sampler (framed by Keepsakes in Sharonville, Ohio) and to-be-framed Irish Cream Sampler by designer Casey Buonaugurio. I also showed my Prairie Schooler Bear and the Bees, stitched on a scrap piece of Fiddler's Cloth.

I also showed my Franken-Gothic by Erica Michaels, describing the modifications I made.

Steph showed her Plumpkin by Lizzie Kate, describing her modifications.

Her LK Kitty String is at the framer (Keepsakes), and we know it will be adorable.

If anyone would like to Pass The Stash (or Swap) for Plumpkin or Kitty String, leave Steph a comment!

Progress Report

I reported on my progress on Remembrance Day, Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe, Taco Sampler

I described my graphing names for L & L's Mothers Tree, for me and my LNS's owner, using PCStitch software.


We described the Queen City Sampler Guild stash sale, and shortly had a minor tech issue with our recording. My phone got too hot, and so the video stopped recording......

When we switched to Steph's phone, we began recording again. We resumed talking about all the patterns (many with embellishment packs!) we got at the Guild sale.

We showed all the patterns we purchased at the Hoop & Needle shop in Cincinnati, and Steph's Stoney Creek purchases, and my Jeannette Douglass Canadian Patriotic Snippets that the Because You Count shop in Moncton, NB, is auto-shipping to me in the States.

We were sort of rushed in the second part. But, all in all, great fun!!

We are hoping to film again in about a week, so stay tuned!

I will be posting to this blog "SHOW NOTES" for our Floss Tube videos.   

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