Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Rich Life

I've been thinking a lot about getting through difficult times. To say we are all tightening our belts is an understatement. The word prioritize has taken on a whole new meaning. We are learning, for some the hard way, to appreciate what we have, to delay gratification, and to keep "to do" lists and wishlists. We seem to need to "one-up" a co-worker, or friend, with tales of money woes. Yes, misery sure does love company.

But as a student of history, I know that our forbears have been through times like these, have persevered, have discovered their inner strengths, have unearthed hidden talents, and have forged friendships that will last well past these challenging days.

Maybe it's time to re-define what it means to live a rich life, a life filled with friends and family, humor, appreciation, and contemplation. We will have spent a great deal of time kicking ourselves for past errors in judgment, for living only for today and not planning adequately for the future, for keeping up appearances at any cost. Hopefully, we will have also discovered that some of those former priorities feel just a little hollow now, stacked up against what we have come to count on as sure and constant.

I was cashing out a customer today at the bookstore who was buying three or four British cross-stitch magazines, so we got talking. I gave her my opinion that, even though they were expensive, she could be spending money on worse things, like booze and cigarettes. Of course, if I didn't stitch, I told her, I'd probably take up smoking!

Here's my start on the Old Salty Santas. So far, I've found all the DMC colors in my stash.

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I'm also progressing on the third sail of Sailors' Knots. This piece sure has taken a lot longer than I ever thought it would. I remember taking the kit to a stitch-in at a local shop several years ago. That shop, like so many, has now gone out of business.

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  1. Great post. I don't feel stitching is a waste either. I don't indulge as much as I *could*, lol, but a bit here and there as I can. It keeps me sane and is better than drugs (hey, it's what I tell myself!).

  2. Stitching is like reading ... a mind trip in your own armchair ... and it has the advantage of being one of those pastimes that has been shown to lower one's blood pressure ... not a bad thing in these stressful times!
    That being said, I am stitching primarily from the stash purchased in better times ... happily, that will keep me busy for several years to come.

  3. I have done a lot of cross stitch in the past and love it. Right now, I am busy with other needleworks. We do live a rich live, don't we. You are doing a great job on the Santa and the sailboat picture is coming along. Great job!


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