Friday, October 2, 2009


With each October, comes increased Breast Cancer awareness and for me, that means memories, some horrific, some warm and loving. And, as I think about others facing cancer, I am reminded of dear friends who saw me through it and are there to this day. When my friend Marianne heard about my diagnosis 16 years ago, she told her husband she just had to see me in person. So she and Joe came down from Toledo to see me in Montgomery. Here we are in my driveway (me in my wig, overcompensating with way too much make-up!)

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The following spring, as I was finishing up with chemo, they came down to Cincinnati again, this time to hear my son Nathaniel sing with the Cincinnati Boychoir during May Festival. Here we are on Fountain Square (I was sure skinny!). And, yes, she is still great at accessorizing with scarves!

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Marianne and Joe lost their dear Westie last year. He had been Joe's dog before they got married, and brightened their days from 1991 to 2008. When I saw this design stitched on khaki fabric, I knew I had to stitch this for them. I gave it to Marianne this past week, when she was in town for our librarians' meeting.

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Here's to great friends, warm memories, and to Finding a Cure !!


  1. Thanks for sharing !!! The dog is very cute.

  2. You have truly great friends, but that cute Westie picture proves that you deserve them because you are a great friend to them.

  3. What can I say but that we love the picture you did in memory of our beloved Wolfie!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Once we get the new windows in the house, we will focus on a special place for the little guy. Love the pictures of us all those years ago.
    We still have great smiles and a friendship worth a lot to me.
    Your parents wedding picture reminded me of the ones of my parents from 1948. You and your mama look a lot alike.
    Enjoy your day. I am going to make some applesauce and get back to stitching on the Christmas stocking for know the one I have been working on for "oh these many years"!!


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