Sunday, August 30, 2009

Under Way Again

I thought it appropriate to post an updated photo of my "Sailor's Knots," on this the week of Ted Kennedy's passing. I did work quite a bit on it while at Mom and Dad's (thankfully I had packed my tabletop Daylite lamp). That one big sail is now all filled in, and I'm working my way up the left side.

I loved watching the scene from Boston yesterday, albeit in the rain. From the military escorts pulling the casket out of the hearse with such precision, to the Roman Catholic ceremony (being a New England Protestant, with emphasis on the "protest," I find all that ceremony fascinating). If anyone needs inspiration to conquer tragedy, look to that family. And, since my lovelife took a nosedive this week, I found it quite therapeutic to watch a funeral.

It is time to look to the future, learn from past mistakes, and move on. Stephanie will begin her senior year at UMaine tomorrow and already has a job offer. Nate is making real progress with his finances and has a new love. The air, even here in land-locked Ohio, has a new crispness to it. This is most definitely my season and I throw open my arms to embrace it. Just need someone to hug me back.


  1. What a beautiful design! Great progress.

  2. ***HUGS***

    One of the thigs I like most about being a long-term blogger is knowing how projects like this started out...I remember when this was only a few stitches! Looks great, Pam!

  3. Your WIP looks FANTASTIC. Way to go! How much longer will it be til you're finished.

    Hugs about your love life.

  4. Oh! I like this. Sailor's Knots is looking so pretty,the colors are subtle

  5. Wow! Great progress!!! Love that design!!

  6. Your "Sailor's Knots" is going to be beautiful. I love the colors. I enjoyed your slide show of your work. I am going to have to do that. I did a lot of cross stitch but have not lately. I have run out of places to use it.


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