Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I've Been Stitching (When I Couldn't Blog)

Stop and Stitch the Flowers is finally finished, and I just love it. I have to admit it got a little boring at times, but you know the feeling of nearing the finish and you have such a great sense of "accomplished creativity," right?

Here are my Blueberries all done as well. I have (sort of) set a goal for myself to stitch up all my Mainey/New Englandy designs. Guess I'm feeling especially nostalgic (I leave for Maine on the 25th for two whole weeks!).

In between tackling those pesky "Gotta Finish These" projects, I picked up Scared Silly, since I had the funky fabric and all the fibers already. Even though I need my magnifier, it's been a blast so far.

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  1. Great finishes! Love the blueberry one. And this is the perfect time of year, since it's blueberry season!

  2. Congratulations on the finish - that sense of acomplishment is so great - especially for a long-awaited project.

    What's next?

  3. congrats on the finishes and the Halloween piece is cute.

  4. I LOVE "Stop and Stitch the Flowers"! Who is the designer?

    from the rolling hills of Kentucky

  5. Cathryn, thanks! It's Blue Ribbon Designs.

  6. Pam,
    I happened upon your blueberry piece when I was searching on the internet. I am just finishing my same project today! I have a question about the outlining and floss color for the top berry, DMC# 832--yellow green. Your picture looks like a different color than mine. Did you change colors for the symbol "o" on the chart? The yellow-green really stands out on my piece. Can I call you or email you about the project? Thanks Georgia

  7. Georgia, feel free to email me. I am on vaca in Maine right now, so don't have this piece with me. I think I had to go out and buy 832, and I'm pretty sure I didn't change any colors. I'm kinda particular about that. I am checking email periodically at Panera while up here, so email me at


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