Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Headin' Downeast

Taking the time now to let you know I'll be heading home on Saturday morning for a much needed vacation.

I will NOT be thinking about the courthouse or the bookstore for over two weeks. I am taking my laptop with me, and will keep in touch periodically from the Scarborough Public Library or Panera (no internet at the folks'). Will have stitching and books, naturally, and plan to "just plain chill."

I've got my Family Tree Maker 2009 all updated, so will be pumping the folks for information, and have a 2G memory card in my camera, for lots of picture-taking. The biggest day will be Monday, when Stephanie and I go to Boston for the day, including the Red Sox game that night. It will be Steph's first trip to Fenway, and my first since the 1975 World Series Game 6.

Cannot wait!


  1. Have a wonderful rejuvinating time!!

  2. Hope you have a grand trip. I have an older version of Family Tree Maker. I just wonder if I can open up my old files in a newer version and it be okay. I am trying to update my grandmother's family and not getting a whole lot of cooperation. Some folks are just not interested.

  3. Marie - I saved all my data files from FTM 2001 onto a flash drive, bought a new computer,then bought FTM 2009 and uploaded my whole tree into it from the flashdrive. It worked perfectly - I lost nothing! It was so sweet. I highly recommend FTM 2009 for around $50 - lots of neat features.


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