Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Needle is Smokin!


Thanks to some intolerable temps around here and lots of Red Sox to watch on TV, I’ve found quite a bit of time to stitch.

My strong sense of completion is being satiated lately by flippin’ through my extensive freebie collection, and discovering some quickies that just thrill me.  Here’s a darling little French number that has been calling my name for several years.  I used a scrap piece of 28 ct. grey evenweave and some Gentle Arts Black Crow.  I loved every second of stitching this one.


“Black Needles” by Marie Auriau

This next is a La-D-Da freebie that I picked up at Keepsakes a couple of weekends ago. Barb cut me a small piece of 32-ct Belfast Autumn Fields, and I stitched it with DMC Variations #4130. Stitched it up while watching the 25 anniversary concert of Les Mis on PBS. What a production! Fabulous!


“1-2-3” by La-D-Da

These little projects have proven to be nice breaks from “Over the River,” but I am making good progress on it as well.  It is nice to see Santa all completed!


Hope your needle is blissfully sailing along as well!!


  1. Nothing like a finish to satisfy. I love your Santa, he is just darling

  2. Very nice finishes, love the needle one. Santa is coming along nicely.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  3. Nice work - that Needles one has hollered at me off & on for a long time, too - but so far I've ignored it (but not the 20 other things I have going :( )

  4. Well done on your finishes! Freebies are great quickies - I love to do them when I need a "finish" fix!

  5. Love your stitched pieces and yes, due to the extreme heat here in Texas, my needle has been busy as well! blessings, Kathleen


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