Wednesday, April 20, 2011

House #5 and a Maine mini

House #5 of Houses of Hawk Run Hollow is now finished, and it's on to House #6. I started the border last night, while watching "The Assassination of Jesse James" (the only Brad Pitt movie I actually think suits him). That's the house with the black background. Oh, well.

My evenings and weekends are now my own, and I have to admit it feels pretty strange. Three and a half years of rushing home from the bus, changing into my jeans, grabbing a bite and a few minutes of Hard Ball, and driving down to the bookstore. Getting home between 9 and 10, staying up too late ('cause you can't just go to bed), and starting all over again at 5 in the morning. What can I say. You do what you have to do, and it sure was fun. Of course, "the plan" called for that job to last a few years longer, but I WAS exhausted ALL THE TIME, and so... things happen for a reason.

I have piles of stitching to do, as well as sewing (on my new-to-me machine) and genealogy, all of which are calling my name.

You should have seen me this morning on the new, longer route, bus, listening to "Cutting for Stone," on my iPod and reading along with it on my Kobo. Pretty sweet!

Of course, with warmer weather on it's way, my thoughts turn to summer plans and Maine, and this little cutie proved a worthy diversion from my BAP* above.

* Big Ass Project


  1. Very nice finishes. Sounds like your schedule with the bus etc. would make anyone tired. We all have it hard these days.

  2. You always need something to mix in with a BAP. Your Houses looks wonderful.


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