Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Summer Place FINISHED

Here it is !! (Click on pic for better view)

Believe me when I tell you that this picture does NOT do it justice (click on it and you'll get a better view). I am thrilled with this piece. It also confirms how much I love, love, love Cross-Eyed Cricket !

Now it's on to Stop and Stitch the Flowers


  1. It is gorgeous! I love it!! If I had a better body - I'd put on my bikini and join you ;)

  2. Awesome finish!!! And it does look like a fun stitch, especially the little chairs because they're all different!!
    Hopefully days like that aren't far away because I'm feeling frost bitten!

  3. Pam, your blog and finish looks awesome.....come see what I have for you on my blog!


  4. Serenity of Summer - is what comes to mind when I look at your beautiful work. I would love to be lounging in one of those beach chairs right now sipping on lemonade.
    Thank you!

  5. That is certainly an eye-catching design. Wonderful job - I've had a look back and you've made great progress on it! Wonderful stitching!

  6. congratulations on the finish Pam, it looks great, flowers is looking wonderful, very colorful.

  7. Beautiful finish Pam! It looks just like a New England beach house right on the Atlantic.
    You have now inspired me to dig out the chart from my to-do pile and get going on it!
    Did you stitch it on 28ct or 32?


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