Monday, February 18, 2008

Stitching as Therapy

Don't you just love that feeling of seeing the end in sight. Stitching has been so therapeutic for me lately. What with the house on the market, prodigal son returning home, and working two jobs, I try to find itsy bitsy times to stitch. It shuts the rest of the world out, if just for a few precious minutes.

This is my favorite house by far.


  1. It's awesome Pam! I'm so glad you posted again because I'm reminded to put that on my wish list ;o)

    Stitching is therapy for me too although my mojo has been gone this past week :o(

  2. I am enjoying seeing your progress on this particular piece. Remind me to think about borrowing this pattern from you at a future date. Is Vicki as far along as you are with this? Talk with you later.


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