Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's All in the Hunt!

One the funnest parts of having this cross-stitch obsession is hunting down patterns that I fall in love with. Recently, I saw a picture of the absolute cutest angel stitched by a stitching blogger for her dear grandmother. I won't snag the pic, but check out her blog (it's a great one!). I have managed to track down the recent issue of the French xs magazine it came from (Point de Croix), but I'll be darned if I can figure out (high school French was a long time ago, people!) how to buy it. Anyway, just on the off-chance one of my readers gets this, here's the one I would love to get my hands on:


  1. Hi Pam,

    I can help you if you want to ;-) I bought it myself and it has a lot of nice pattern.

  2. Sorry, link should have worked. It's

  3. Thanks Pam! Lili is wonderful. Lmk if you need or can't contact her :o)

  4. I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work. Keep up the good work!


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