Monday, August 27, 2007

Back from God's Country

Well, I've been back a while, but have been very busy. Back home, we call it being "right out straight." Love those localisms ! Maine was/is absolutely lovely. 30 degrees cooler than stinky SW Ohio. Unbelievable !

Of course, I have to report on a couple of shops I visited during the week. Some of you may get the mail order catalog from Keepsakes Needlearts, in Centre Harbor, NH. I thought I would check it out, since I was so close. Mom and I drove up Rt. 25, through cute little towns like Limington, Cornish, and Kezar Falls, into NH, toward Lake Winnepesaukee (yup, just like the American Express commercial with Ellen DeGeneres, folks.)

After a two hour drive, we arrived at the large Keepsakes establishment. Much to my disappointment, and the relief of my wallet, there was not much cross-stitch there, and what was there was all kits (which I do not need). Their emphasis was clearly quilting and other needle arts. I did manage for find some sea gull fabric (just to give my credit card some air!), which I can use on stand-ups at some point.

We drove on to Meredith, for lunch at Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant (Thanksgiving Dinner in August - you can't beat that!), and then headed on down the road.

It was a fun day with Mom, but I was so looking forward to the next day, when we were to head down the coast on US 1, to Wiscasset, and the Stitcher's Corner!


  1. I'm glad to hear your wallet was so relieved by this little shop. Mine wouldn't have been so lucky ;-D

  2. I've heard of KN but I've never been there. I do LOVE Stitcher's Corner though and would love to go back again :o)

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time but how can you not in the state of Maine????


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