Saturday, April 14, 2007

Little Stitches

Here's my Spring Chick by Waxing Moon, which I've had finished for a while.

I will also most likely finish Chocolate Covered Cherries by Casey Buonaugurio before the end of the weekend. Am I trying to avoid the BAPs in my "to do" pile, hmmmm?


  1. Your finish is very cute. Great job on it. The chocolate covered cherries is coming along good too.

  2. your chocolate covered cherries is looking good what will you do with it when it's done?
    the spring chick is very cute

  3. I like those cherries, nice stitching!
    Petra in NJ

  4. I love your Spring Chick Pam! Was that a freebie?

    Casey's designs are so beautiful you just want to eat them! LOL!

  5. No, Spring Chick was not a freebie, but I am willing to sell it.


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