Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Days = Stitching Days

With the latest snowstorm came more time to make progress on my current projects. I am determined to finish my New England Sampler, since so much floss is pulled for it, and I am so close, after all. I took it with me to a stitchy afternoon in Florence, KY, last weekend. Four of us enjoyed delicious quiche (from scratch) and soup from Panera. Yum! I am down to the final panel, having finished the border. And I must say, this tree and basket of apples came out lovely.

I have finished Crocus, too, and it was one of those surprisingly delightful designs. I picked up the chart on sale at Dixie Darlin' last summer, and on Buttercup yellow, it is striking.


  1. Yes, the apple tree and apples are gorgeous. Congratulations on finishing another project. I would like to have a group of friends to stitch with, but most of my friends live hundreds of miles away.

    As far as cleaning up my sewing room goes, as I said, people have to sleep there next week, so I do have a deadline, but there is nothing so public as publishing those pictures in my blog. Now I have to do something about cleaning it up and posting the after pictures to prove it. Since there is nowhere else to put this stuff, I can't just hide it in another closet. But that option is tempting ... tempting.

  2. speaking of "sewing room" I'm moving upstairs when I come home for spring break. It just prompted me to tell you. haha. love you!

  3. I love your New England Sampler , the colours are lovely

  4. Your work did come out lovely! How nice to have had time to spend with a stitching group! All the best with the cleanup - it's a lot of work, by oh, is it worth it!

  5. Two beautiful pieces Pam! I can't wait to see that sampler completed :o)


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